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A Letter from the President

A very warm welcome to,


The Saint Andrew’s Society of Saint John website.

Our aim is to foster a fond relationship with the traditions and history of Scotland. There are many sister Societies throughout the world and we in SaInt John  New Brunswick are proud of the fact that this one is the oldest in Canada, being established in 1798 almost 230 years ago. 

Because of Covid over the past two years we have certainly had our challenges and our traditional events have had to be managed differently but have not stoped us from celebrating and meeting in different ways. 

Now in 2022 we were able attend our annual Tartan Day celebration on April 6th on the steps of City Hall along with the Mayor and councillors. We now look forward to a summer full of hope and excitement when we  attend the Fredericton Highland Games.


We will continue to celebrate and mark many moments of Scottish history throughout the year culminating with Saint Andrew’s Day Celebrations and invite you to visit our website often to find out more by following event dates and if you like what we are doing then we encourage you to become a member so we can look forward to a time when we can meet in person.



Robert McInnes


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