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The Saint Andrew’s Society of Saint John, founded in 1798 is the oldest St. Andrew’s Society in Canada.  It is the second oldest Scottish Society, the oldest being the North British Society of Halifax. It was founded as a meeting place for Scots and their descendants of Saint John, for their mutual benefit, and for the benefit of the city’s greater Scottish community. The Society was also established to promote “cultural longevity,” or to act as a defender and protector of Scottish culture in the city.


The Society’s Structure

From 1798, when the Society was founded, until 1849, the only officers were President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

In 1849 these officers were joined by a Committee of Charity. The first committee members were John M. Walter, James MacFarlane, and William Thomson.

In 1859 the number of officers has increased again by the addition of a Chaplain and a Marshall. Rev. William Donald, D.D. was the first Chaplain, and George W. Smith was the first Marshall.

In 1869 a second Marshall was added, and in 1903 the office of Historian was created. Charles W. Bell was the first additional Marshall, and H. Gordon Leavitt the first Historian.

On 11 April 1864, the Society was incorporated by an act of the Legislature of New Brunswick.

Cultural Activities

Since its formation, the Saint Andrew’s Society has striven not only to help fellow Scotsmen and their descendants monetarily but also to keep the Scottish culture alive in this community.

The resounding success of this endeavor is evident in the many Scottish groups in today’s Saint John and their cultural events. In the past, the Saint Andrew’s Society sponsored picnics for members and guests, often inviting the local military garrison to join them.


The first recorded was held in August 1855. The grandest took place on 29 August 1866 when 2,500 people went by railroad from Saint John to Sussex, where they were joined by another 500. The picnics featured Scottish dancing and highland games. Winners received silver medals, except that the prize for ladies’ archery was a silver bouquet holder. These picnics were held at various locations, such as Cedar Bank (White’s Wharf), Oak Point, Torryburn, Crystal Beach, and Westfield.


The first Scottish Night was held in 1889 instead of the usual Saint Andrew’s Night dinner. At Scottish Nights traditional music, dancing and stories were enjoyed. The Saint Andrew’s Society Pipe Band and the Saint Andrew’s Society Country Scottish Dancers are two fine examples of groups sponsored by the Society.


During its long and illustrious history the Saint Andrew’s Society has tried to accomplish two tasks: benevolent assistance to their countrymen and cultural longevity, succeeding at both.


The roots of this success are much older than the Society, for they are found in the Scottish character itself, a character which values hard work, dedication, common sense and brotherhood; and perpetuates these traits from one generation to the next.

It is not through great deeds that a Society exists for more than two hundred years, but through the consistent addition of like-minded individuals who pick up the torch and carry it onward.

Executive Officers

Robert McInnes.jpg
Robert McInnes


Gerald “Gerry” McRae


John Buchanan.jpg
PP John Buchanan

Immediate Past President

Rev. John Martin

1st Vice President

George MacKenney.jpg
George MacKenney


Dr. Wendy Stewart

2nd Vice President

Rev Thomas Graham.jpg
Rev. Tom Graham

Society Chaplain


PP James McKenzie.jpg
James “Jim” McKenzie

Investment Committee

John Buchanan.jpg
PP John Buchanan

Website Manager

Robert McInnes.jpg
Robert McInnes

Committee of Charity

PP David Nickerson.jpg
PP David “Dave” Nickerson

Public Relations

PP Laurie Hossack.jpg
PP Laurie Hossack

Membership Development

PP George McCaughey.jpg
PP George McCaughey

Society Historian

PP David Nickerson.jpg
PP David Nickerson


Travis Hossack.jpg
Travis Hossack

Society Marshalls

New Brunswick Scottish Journal Contributors
  • PP John Buchanan

  • PP Laurie Hossack

Saint Andrews Society UNBSJ Scholarship
  • PP John Buchanan

  • Dr. Albert Fraser

Past Presidents

2018-2020     John Buchanan

2016-2017     William J. Kearns

2014-2015     Bruce Campbell

2012-2013     Laurie V. Hossack

2011-2012     David N.F  Nickerson

2009-2010     James B. McKenzie

2008-2008     L. Col. James E. Kupkee (Ret’d)

2005-2007     Neil H. Graham

2002-2004     Donald S Mackay

2003-2003     Thomas ESH Wallace

2000-2002     William L Kerwin

1999-1999     J MacGregor Grant

1998-1998     Wallace P MacMurray

1995-1997     Ralph B Murray

1993-1994     Gordon W Graham

1991-1992     GM Keith Dow

1989-1990     Stanley Law

1987-1988     G Murray Driscoll

1985-1986     Dr. John S Mackay

1983-1984     J Hamish Murdoch

1980-1982     DN Cormack

1978-1980     JM Grant Jr

1976-1978     George McCaughey

1975-1976     Dr RG MacDonald

1973-1974     Alfred Chatwin

1970-1972     John B Gibb

1968-1970     Dr GD Smith

1967-1968     Wallace P MacMurray

1965-1966     CG Malcolm

1963-1964     Dr John A Caskey

1960-1962     Robert McArthur

1958-1960     AH Irvine

1957-1958     JMH Fraser

1955-1956     GB Peat MD

1952-1954    Andrew G Watt

1951-1952     Dr Victor D Davidson

1949-1950     Andrew West Murray

1947-1948     James MacMurray

1945-1946     David W Ledingham

1943-1944     TC MacNabb

1941-1942     DG Willett

1938-1940     JH Stevenson

1935-1937     JBM Baxter

1933-1934     Alex. Gray

1932-1933     H Fielding Rankine

1931-1932     WB Tennant

1930-1931     Cyrus F Inches

1929-1930     A Gordon Leavitt

1928-1929     Albert E Massie

1926-1927     AR Melrose

1923-1925     CB Allen

1922-1923     S Rutherford Jack

1920-1921     Alex McMillan

1918-1919     HC Rankine

1916-1917     Alex McMillan

1914-1915     Alex MacAulay

1913-1913     James Jack

1911-1912     RB Paterson

1909-1910     Dr JR MacIntosh

1904-1909     unknown – –

1903-1903     TA Rankine

1901-1902     J Roy Campbell

1899-1900     Hon JG Forbes

1897-1898     Geo Robertson

1895-1896     Dr J Christie

1893-1894     Dr M MacLaren

1891-1892     Robt Milligan

1890-1890     Robt Jardine

1888-1889     Alex Rankine

1886-1887     James Straton

1884-1885     James Knox

1882-1883     Alex Jardine

1880-1881     Dr PR Inches

1879-1879     Robt Marshall

1877-1878     John White

1875-1876     James Milligan

1873-1874     Luke Stewart

1870-1872     Wm Thomson

1869-1869     George Stewart

1868-1868     Laughlan Donaldson

1867-1867     Henry Jack

1862-1866     Laughlan Donaldson

1861-1861     JM Walker

1859-1860     Jas MacFarlane

1858-1858     JM Walker

1856-1857     AC Jardine

1855-1855     Adam Jack

1853-1854     JM Walker

1851-1852     Robt Jardine

1848-1850     Adam Jack

1847-1847     John Duncan

1846-1846     Dr John Boyd

1844-1845     John Wishart

1842-1843     Dr John Boyd

1837-1841     Hon John Robertson

1832-1836     Dr John Boyd

1826-1831     RW Crookshank

1824-1825     AS Ritchie

1821-1823     Hon Wm A Black

1820-1820     AS Ritchie

1816-1819     Hon Wm A Black

1815-1815     Wm Pagan

1813-1814     Hugh Johnston

1806-1812     Wm Pagan

1805-1805     John Black

1804-1804     Andrew Crookshank

1802-1803     John Black

1801-1801     Colin Campbell

1798-1800     Wm Pagan

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